What Is An Officiant?


What makes an Officiant different from any other officiant?  An Officiant is a ceremony specialist whose ceremonies are not restricted to a particular faith.  Ceremonies performed by a fully certified Officiant are custom written for each client; no two ceremonies should ever be the same.

Thoroughly educated Officiants go through rigorous professional training to perform ceremonies that mark the transitional events of life and death. Obvious ones include baby blessings, funerals, memorials, and weddings but there are many transitional opportunities in our lives.

Officiants honor the beliefs of our clients, and design our ceremonies to be inclusive and welcoming.  Therefore, a truly qualified Officiant has to be knowledgeable in world cultures, rituals and traditions.

Insist on an officiant who has a rich background in ceremony, from theory to writing to public speaking.  She or he needs to be educated in all rites of passage, and understand the deeper significance of these pivital events in our lives. 


Don't settle for less, and definitely don't feel embarrassed about asking for credentials.